Companies have a responsibility to keep employees safe, and failure to take health and safety seriously can have a negative result on your business.  So, today I am going to tell you some of the golden rules of health and safety in the workplace.

  • Basic First Aid:
    Injuries can happen in any workplace, at any time, so ensuring that someone on site is first aid trained makes a lot of sense. First aid training doesn’t take long, normally a few days, and as they are normally quite cheap they’re definitely worth the investment.
  • Fire Safety:
    Having a plan when it comes to fire safety is unavoidable – specifically having a set in stone evacuation plan. You and your employees need to know how to exit the building and where the meeting point is, and these things should be tested regularly.
  • CCTV:
    The security of your workplace also needs to be secure, and installing CCTV is a great way of monitoring this – as well as having video evidence if anything does happen. Similarly, having keys or fingerprint readers which are required to get in and out of places will increase your security.  It may cost your company quite a bit of money, but it’s normally a worthy investment.
  • Electrical Testing:
    This links back to the Fire Safety rule, as electrical fires are common, but easy to avoid. Your electrics should be tested once a year, by a professional.  Failure to keep your workplace safe can have severe consequences.