I’ve talked before about the benefits of online learning, and you may worry about how you can study on your own.  If that sounds like you then this course is here to save you!  These are my tips for home learning so that you can make the most of your studying.

Before you even start your online course, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection, a working computer and a suitable space to work.  You should be able to study distraction free, and if this isn’t possible at home you might want to try the local library or a coffee shop.

By creating a routine, you can make sure that your learning fits into your schedule and becomes more of a habit than a chore.  When setting goals for yourself, make sure they follow the SMART acronym – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.  Fit your studying round work, family or whatever other commitments you have, and review your routine and progress regularly to ensure you are doing the best you can.

Don’t forget that you’re not alone, and there are tutors and other students who can offer guidance and support when you need it.  Also, tutors can offer a phone call or chat on email if you have an issue with a specific topic or area of the course – so make use of these things!

Finally, remember to reward yourself for your hard work.  You will have to exercise a lot of discipline when home learning, and it can be easy to lose your motivation.  So, persuade yourself to keep working by setting yourself incentives!  Once you have completed a unit, you can have a night out or your favourite meal, whatever motivates you.

Hopefully these tips for home learning have given you an idea of how well you could do at it!  If you are interested in sitting a qualification, check out the ones we offer: