Wellness at work is crucial, and can bring great benefits to businesses – from increased productivity to reduced stress – healthy employees make a better business.  “Wellness” is being conscious of and making specific choices in order to stay healthy, keeping the body and mind in good condition.

Why does it matter?
Wellness at work can produce fairly quick results when it comes to a decline in days off for sickness, or even a reduction of workplace injuries.  This provides a healthier, more productive workforce, as well as less time and money spent on compensation claims.

How can I achieve wellness at work?
Employee Wellness Programs are a great way to help employees to make smart choices, and can even aid in reducing non-attendance rates.  These programs can include the following activities:

  • Health education and training
  • On-site fitness programs
  • Weight supervision programs
  • Medical screenings

They can also lead to business policies surrounding wellness, such as healthy options in the eating area, time for physical fitness, or even just incentives for participation.  The programs can be custom made, and centre around whatever is most important to your company and your employees.


Hopefully this has given you an idea of the importance of wellness at work! If you are looking for a greater awareness of health and safety, you could benefit from one of our great courses which you can find below: