Health and safety is a vital investment for companies, as accidents happen and can end up costing thousands.  Having appropriate and up to date health and safety training, such as a NEBOSH qualification, is great for educating your workforce and keeping them safe from harm.  So, today I am going to tell you why you should get a NEBOSH qualification!

Why Does Health And Safety Matter?
All companies are legally required to have health and safety regulations in place, and if you are in charge of employees then you are responsible for their safety.  Every year over 2000 people die due to accidents at work, showing that failing to deliver appropriate training can have fatal consequences.

 What Is NEBOSH?
NEBOSH stands for the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health.  They don’t deliver health and safety courses themselves, instead providing syllabuses, exams and assignments to course providers, such as SHEilds, who deliver training courses to candidates.

What Qualifications Do They Offer?

  • There are three levels of qualifications offered by NEBOSH: Award, Certificate and Diploma. NEBOSH Certificates are most popular, and are available for a range of subjects.  These are usually tailored towards managers, supervisors and people who need a wide range of knowledge about health and safety issues.
  • These qualifications include the National Fire Certificate and International Fire Certificate, which should be gained by managers and supervisors who need to assess whether or not the work premises meets the expectations set out by fire safety legislation.
  • NEBOSH Diplomas are one of the best ways to further your health and safety career, and can be a foundation for postgraduate study.