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Employer Health and Safety Obligations

Every employer has certain health and safety obligations, and failing to follow the rules can result in some pretty bad consequences (from lawsuits to the closure of your company).  Therefore, it is important that you are aware of, and stick to, your...
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How To Study For Exams

Whether you are sitting a NEBOSH Certificate or Diploma, or an IOSH qualification, you will have an exam to prepare for.  So, this blog post will tell you how to study for your exams! Study plans are a great way to organise your time when you are studying,...
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How To Create A Learning-Driven Culture In Your Workplace

By creating a workplace that focuses on the improvement of knowledge and skills of all employees, you can hold a huge advantage over your competitors, ensuring that your staff are the best of the best.  So, today I am going to tell you how to create a...
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Tips For Home Learning

I’ve talked before about the benefits of online learning, and you may worry about how you can study on your own.  If that sounds like you then this course is here to save you!  These are my tips for home learning so that you can make the most of your...
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Why You Should Get A NEBOSH Qualification

Health and safety is a vital investment for companies, as accidents happen and can end up costing thousands.  Having appropriate and up to date health and safety training, such as a NEBOSH qualification, is great for educating your workforce and keeping...
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The Benefits of Online Learning

We often get asked about online learning and how it compares to classroom learning, so this blog post will tell you what it is and the benefits of online learning! Online learning is a way of studying for a qualification without needing to...
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Interview Tips For Health And Safety Jobs

So you want to work in health and safety and you’ve finally managed to land yourself an interview? You’re in luck! This blog post is full of interview tips for health and safety jobs – enjoy! Before the interview: Remember that they want to...
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The Golden Rules of Health and Safety in the Workplace

Companies have a responsibility to keep employees safe, and failure to take health and safety seriously can have a negative result on your business.  So, today I am going to tell you some of the golden rules of health and safety in the workplace....
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Wellness at Work

Wellness at work is crucial, and can bring great benefits to businesses – from increased productivity to reduced stress – healthy employees make a better business.  “Wellness” is being conscious of and making specific choices in order to stay healthy,...
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What is the Health and Safety at Work Act?

Before 1974, when the Health and Safety at Work Act came into play, legislation regarding the safety of workers was quite disorganised – leaving many workers to suffer.  Therefore, this Act was a way to bring together the bits and pieces of legislation,...
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